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Find the Value of Your Bike

On this page you can information about The Pro’s closet dealer TradeUp Program, and find links to help you possibly find out the value of your bike.

The Pros Closet TradeUp Program

The Pro’s Closet has changed the TradeUp program procedures. Due to an overflow of recent inventory, The Pro’s Closet is not currently allowing customers to directly submit their bikes for preferred dealer credit.  Spin Zone as a dealer, can submit a bike for you to The Pro’s Closet for trade-in, through our dealer portal, and if TPC sends you an offer for your bike , you can receive Spin Zone store credit. However, it should be noted that at this time, The Pro’s Closet is accepting VERY FEW trade-in submissions.  Below you can find information about TPC’s sell and trade criteria, and even a link for a submission form for credit to the TPC store (not Spin Zone Credit) or a cash offer from TPC.  TPC is accepting VERY FEW offers from this form as well.

The Bicycle Blue Book Value Guide is built on a high-performance predictive analytics platform that uses automated machine learning which analyzes and reports on millions of transactions.  Although Bicycle Blue Book does not have every single bike every made, it is one of the best resources for bike values. Click here to go to Bicycle Blue Book.