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Michiana Bicycle Community Information      Spin Zone 2024 Group Rides      

Group Rides!

Come join us on our weekly group ride on Mondays at 6 PM!  We offer a wide variety of distances, speeds and skill levels.  Everything from an 18 mile ride averaging 12-14 miles an hour, all the way up to a 45 mile ride averaging 21-23 mph.  There’s something for everyone!

You’ll want to arrive between 5:30-5:45 so you have time to prepare, and make any last minute purchases you may need for the ride.  Parking can be found in our lot, as well as next door at Zolman’s tire.  However, please be respectful to their business and customers when using their facilities, as they are also open until 6 on Mondays!

Ride maps for the evening can often be found either just right of this paragraph, or on our Facebook page.  If not, these maps will be posted near the front entrance of the shop, upon arrival.


Rides Maps

Up and Around Eagle Lake

Primary Ride Dates: April 8, 2024

Up and Around Barron Lake Shorter

Primary Ride Dates: April 15, 2024

Up and Around Barron Lake Longer

Primary Ride Dates: April 15, 2024

West Side of Barron Lake and Back

Primary Ride Dates: April 29, 2024

Up and Around Eagle then Edwardsburg

Primary Ride Dates: June 6, 2024