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Looking to stay in shape through the winter? Purchasing an indoor bicycle trainer and Bringing the low impact, aerobic workout of riding a bicycle indoors is a great way of working out your muscles, heart, and keeping your mind in tip top shape during the long, cold, winter months. A bicycle trainer allows you to turn your bicycle into an indoor spin bike by mounting the frame of your bike onto a stationary trainer allowing you to stay in one place, so you don’t go riding into your basement wall.

With the advent of smart bicycle trainer, manufactures have been releasing many different models and types, leaving the market flooded, and the consumer confused. Stick around as I break down a few essential need to knows. Let’s clarify the two basic types of trainers. First, we have the “dumb” trainer and the “Smart” trainer.

A dumb trainer is exactly that. Dumb. There are no built-in electronic resistance units, or connectivity to an application. Meaning that the resistance of the trainer comes from how hard you pedal. You stick your bicycle on the trainer and you pedal. You’re essentially turning your bicycle into a spin bike. Most dumb trainers offer resistance built in to the trainer, called a “progressive” resistance trainer. Thru the work of magnets or fluid, the trainer will progressively increase the resistance as your rear wheel speeds up. Want more resistance? Pedal faster. Want less? Pedal slower. Because of their simpler design and lack of electronics, they are more budget orientated.

Let’s face it, staring at a wall, while covered in sweat doesn’t sound appealing. This is where smart trainers step in. Smart trainers get their name from the ability to link up to a computer, phone, or tablet which allows a third-party application like Zwift, Trainer Road, FulGaz and many more to control the resistance of the trainer.  Going up a twelve percent grade on Zwift? You better shift into an easier gear, as the trainer will kick up the resistance as if you are going up a twelve percent grade. Smart Trainers also have a built-in power meter that shows you how much power you’re making in real time in the form of Watts. Which is great for structured training if you are looking to get a bit more serious this upcoming season.

We here at spin zone are in the know when it comes to trainers, we better seeing as our parent company Sportcrafters designs and manufactures indoor rollers, trike rollers, and also advises companies who design trainers. So, we can help answer any questions, and also ask questions to steer you in the right direction on what type of trainer you should purchase.

Stop by Spin Zone Cycling, Or give us a call at 574-243-4994. We would love to talk and answer any questions you have!!!

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