Oliver Miller

Sales Manager
F.I.S.T. Certified Bike Fit Specialist

What I do at the shop:  I’m the Sales Manager and Head Bike Fitter.

Years of Cycling Experience:  5

Favorite Type of Riding:  I’m all about road cycling, fat biking, and cyclocross!

Other Hobbies and Interests:  Are you saying there are other things to do besides ride bikes?

How I Got Into Cycling:  I started in 2010 to heal up a knee injury and became completely hooked.

Favorite Cycling Story:  I was out at Interbike 2013 for the biggest cycling trade show in North America. While we were out there I had the opportunity to ride with Wounded Warriors on a Ride 2 Recovery out to the Desert in Las Vegas. Riding with these guys and gals that have every right in the world to not ride and yet they still do really motivates me to have no excuse to get out and ride!


Steve Miller

Service and Sales, Extensive Repair Experience

What I do at the shop:  Bicycle repair and new bike builds

Years of Mechanical Experience:  41 years

Years of Cycling Experience:  Most of my life

Favorite Type of Cycling:  Road (single and tandem) and mountain

Other Hobbies and Interests:  Snowboarding, XC Skiing, and Fishing

How I Got Into Cycling:  As a child, that’s how you got around and I guess it just stuck with me. Only until later in life do you then realize what a great health and environmental benefit it is.


Rob McMasters

Head Mechanic

What do I do at the shop: Service and Sales

Favorite place to ride: In Rhode Island – from Barrington to New Port (there is only one way to get there). In Pennsylvania from Washington to Graysville (some nice hills and a long flat for being in PA). Around here I ride in Michigan, Bristol, and south of Elkhart.

Favorite type of cycling: Roadie at heart but have started doing some cyclecross racing.

Other hobbies and interests:  Bicycling of course, building model cars, and family.

How did you get into cycling: When I was about 12 I started to go around the neighborhood collecting bike parts until I had enough parts to build my first bike.

Favorite cycling story: I like to do the Pittsburgh Dirty Dozen. It is one of the hardest and most painful 5-hour, 50-mile ride you can do. There is a lot of suffering, but is a blast to do.


Sheri Colan

What I do at the shop: Being the owner I wear many hats- from managing employees to sales and planning group cycling trips. My favorite thing is helping people change their lives to become healthier and help them enjoy riding their bikes!

Years of Cycling Experience: 20

Favorite Type of Cycling: Endurance road riding and trail riding on our tandem 29 mountain bike with my husband.

Other Hobbies and Interests: Downhill snow skiing, reading, cooking, event planning, cross country skiing, water skiing, and kayaking.

How I Got Into Cycling: When our kids were young a neighbor friend asked us to join them at the Apple Cider Century Ride. We did 25 miles and have been riding since.

Favorite Cycling Story: In 2009 I had a plan to do as many “firsts” in my life as possible, and one of them was to do a century ride. I wasn’t concerned with how fast I went but wanted to complete the entire 100 miles. It was the toughest and most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.


Richard Papaleo

Service and Sales

What do I do at the shop: Service and Sales

Favorite place to ride: Tibet … now that’s crazy riding.

Favorite type of cycling: All types, except on a high wire across Niagara Falls.

Other hobbies and interests: Playing guitar, ceramics, painting, woodworking and roasting a fine batch of coffee.

How did you get into cycling: I asked for a bicycle on my 16th birthday instead of a car. Since my parents would not get me a car anyway, I got a sweet 10-speed.

Favorite cycling story: Years ago I talked my wife, Sue, into going to the “Tour de Swamp, Tour de Fields, Tour de Woods” road race, somewhere in Wisconsin. She asked how far away it was, I said only a “few hours”. It was 10 hours away! How was I suppose to know? She still reminds me about it. No Google Map at that time!


Doug Eubank

Inventory Specialist

What do I do at the shop: I work with inventory. Receiving, stocking, recording… I do a little bit of everything.

Favorite place to ride: Utah. Snow Basin Resort to be exact.

Favorite type of cycling: Single track.

Other hobbies and interests:  Triathlons, road (any distance), and off road (Xterra). Soccer.

How did you get into cycling: I got serious into cycling 6 years ago when my mom and I decided to sign up to do our first triathlon together.


Jennifer Lawler



Joe VanDenDriesseche