If you have been into Spin Zone in the past month, you’ve noticed we have been doing some facelift to the shop in two ways, first we have moved our GURU Fit system. We now have a designated fit studio equipped with all of the bells and whistles, from any saddle you’d like to try to getting the right stem length and handlebar width. You’ll love the new experience in it’s own space and not having to be in the middle of the shop anymore.

Second facelift you may be noticing is new products and brands, we have been looking over all different brands that seem to be the up and coming new and we feel we have found said brands. You may see some of the brands you have come to love not be as available on demand at the shop, but most things we can still get and or help with. We feel though that the new brands we are bring in and taking place of older brands we’ve had for awhile, you will come to know and love just as well. As always with these transitions we appreciate you all as customers and working with and around us as we are in these transition phases of new products and new experiences, all to make your journey on that bike just a little more enjoyable! Please stop in to check out what’s new, and see the new space, we look forward to working and helping you take the next pedal stroke forward.